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Mark Gemini Thwaite and Ashton Nyte sign with Cleopatra Records for second MGT album
MGT - Gemini NyteMGT – featuring guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite and vocalist/songwriter Ashton Nyte – has signed with Cleopatra Records for the upcoming second full-length album, titled Gemini Nyte. The album marks a transition from what was initially Thwaite’s solo project, with Nyte having appeared on two of the more striking tracks from the 2016 Volumes debut, including the single “The Reaping.” Like the previous album, Gemini Nyte features the pair being joined by guest musicians, including Killing Joke drummer “Big Paul” Ferguson and vocalist Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory and Ascension of the Watchers. Gemini Nyte will be released in Fall of 2017, although no actual release date has yet been announced; Cleopatra Records states that it is “proud to work with this incredible new album, and give the band a domestic home to help launch their forthcoming tours for the release.” The pair performed a series of live shows in June of this year, including an appearance at Wave Gotik Treffen.
A prolific vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter, Nyte has released seven solo albums and eight as the front man for South African goth/rock outfit The Awakening. Thwaite is a prolific and in-demand guitarist who has lent his skills onstage and in the studio to the likes of MINISTRY’s Al Jourgensen, Gary Numan, Peter Murphy, The Mission, The Who’s Roger Daltrey, PJ Harvey, Alanis Morrisette, and many more. He is also a member and principal musician in the industrial collective Primitive Race, which will be releasing its second full-length album later this year.


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