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Marc Heal to release debut solo album via Armalyte Industries
British industrial label Armalyte Industries has announced the release of The Hum, the debut solo album from Marc Heal, scheduled to drop in mid-November. Heal – best known as the vocalist for pioneering industrial/rock act Cubanate, and also known under the moniker MC Lord of the Flies – began production of the album in early 2016, which features 10 tracks of new material recorded in Singapore, named after “the mysterious throbbing and groaning sound that has been reported and occasionally reported worldwide in recent years.” He goes on to state that the album will be darker, denser, and more personal than any of his past outings, commenting, “When you’re young, you make mistakes – fall in love, get in a fight, take some drugs – who cares? It’s not for keeps. But now is when the real stuff happens – divorce, suicide, children, death, money, murder, success, failure. Now you’ve got history. Now it’s for real. This is when the ghosts come back to haunt you.” Of the process of The Hum‘s creation, he states, “Well, it was quite a mysterious process to me. I hadn’t been inspired to write music in such a long time. For years, I did nothing. Suddenly, I couldn’t stop. I wrote 16 songs in five weeks.”
Heal moved to Singapore in 2012, releasing his first book The Sussex Devils in 2014 via Unbound; the book was described by renowned horror author Clive Barker as “heartbreaking and breathtaking.” Having released the Compound Eye Sessions collaborative EP with PIG in 2015, The Hum marks Heal’s first full-length release since 2000, with the Adult Fiction single preceding the album on October 7; the single will include remixes by Rhys Fulber and Leæther Strip, as well as an additional track titled “The Abandoned Junkshop.” The single will be available as a deluxe 12-inch marbled blue/white vinyl, including a download card with two bonus tracks, limited to 500 copies worldwide; digital copies will also be available via major online retailers. Heal has also hinted at further releases and collaborations for 2017.
Cubanate will be making a one-off appearance performing at this year’s ColdWaves V event in Chicago, with plans to release an album of remasters in the pipeline.



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