Oct 2018 12

Lydia Lunch pays tribute to Marquis De Sade in latest album
Lydia Lunch - MarchesaAvant-garde and no wave musician Lydia Lunch has announced the release of Marchesa, a musical homage to the works of her longtime inspiration, the Marquis De Sade. Set against a backdrop of distortion and dissonance, the album follows Lunch’s exploration of De Sade’s musings on sadism and spirituality, composed by the artist and in collaboration with Rustblade head Stefano Rossello (also of :Bahntier//, kETvECTOR) to create a sensual and perverse tribute to the Marquis. Marchesa will be released on November 30, available in CD or limited edition gold vinyl, with the record including a gatefold poster with lyrics; both versions are available for pre-order via Storming the Base.


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