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Ludovico Technique unveils latest long awaited music video
After breaking a four-year-long silence with the October, 2017 release of Absence, dark electro/industrial act Ludovico Technique has now unveiled the long awaited music video for the track. Showcasing front man Ben V.’s signature monochromatic visual style filled with decrepit, gothic overtones, the song is driven by his sensual and sinister baritone vocals atop driving beats and guitars, making for one of the band’s most energetic tracks yet. As well, the video features drummer Galen Waling (Lords of Acid, PIG, Julien-K, Left Spine Down, Murder Weapons, etc.) joining the band’s core live lineup of Ben V., drummer Evan Patterson, and guitarist/keyboardist Evan Brito.

Absence was released on October 13, 2017 on Infacted Recordings in Europe and on Metropolis Records in the U.S.; both versions contain the original track, with each containing a different set of remixes – the European version featured Grendel, Leæther Strip, Massive Ego, and SHIV-R, while the U.S. version featured The Birthday Massacre, Bestial Mouths, Encephalon, and Ghostfeeder. Both versions of the single are availablw now via Bandcamp.


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