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Lou Reed dead at 71Lou Reed – renowned solo artist and songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist of the Velvet Underground – died Sunday at the age of 71. Details of  the death have not yet been released, though Reed did undergo a liver transplant in May, according to Rolling Stone. Reed’s work over the course of 50 years helped to shape modern rock music, both with Velvet and as a solo artist. “All through this, I’ve always thought that if you thought of all of it as a book then you have the Great American Novel, every record as a chapter,” he told Rolling Stone in 1987. “They’re all in chronological order. You take the whole thing, stack it, and listen to it in order, there’s my Great American Novel.” David Bowie, who was longtime friends with Reed, called Reed “a master.” Reed’s final album was Lulu, released in 2011, a collaboration with Metallica.

Lou Reed, Paris 1974


Lou Reed Website http://www.loureed.com
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