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Long out-of-print Mortiis side project reissued
German label Funeral Industries will be releasing four albums from Vond, the ’90s side project of Norwegian industrial/metal artist Mortiis. Of these releases, three will be reissues of the long out-of-print albums Selvmord, The Dark River, and Green Eyed Demon, along with the AIDS to the People compilation featuring several previously unreleased singles. Also included on the compilation will be two songs from the 1993 Vond debut 7-inch, and three tracks from an unreleased EP. Heralded as “the dark side of Mortiis,” Håvard Ellefsen founded Vond alongside Mortiis following his departure from eminent black metal group Emperor. Vond featured a style similar to Mortiis’ Era 1 material, encompassing dissonant drones and samples to create a darkly ambient sound, albeit in a manner structured rather differently from the artist’s primary outlet. Ellefsen had hinted that Vond would develop a style similar to Mortiis’ Era 3, incorporating more aggressive industrial/rock textures, but this did not come to pass as the project was put on hold in 1996. Funeral Industries will be issuing the albums on CD and vinyl formats, with a limited pressing of 650 black vinyl and 100 blue vinyl records, all to go on sale on January 10 via Mortiis’ online webstore and Bandcamp, as well as the label’s website.
In addition, Mortiis most recent album release, 2016’s The Great Deceiver, which marked the beginning of his Era 0, has been made available via Bandcamp for a limited time, along with the first four releases from his Era 1.


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