Feb 2018 13

Long awaited tour recordings of Rozz Williams and Gitane DeMone to be released
20 years after the death of former Christian Death front man and death/rock pioneer Rozz Williams, Dark Vinyl Records and Cult Epics will release On the Altar/In the Heart – a double album of long awaited recordings from the Dream Home Heartache tour featuring songs from Williams’ and Christian Death band mate Gitane DeMone’s experimental dark cabaret album, Dream Home Heartache. The album will be available as a double-CD or two separate vinyl records – On the Altar and In the Heart – with exclusive artwork by Herbert Starek; the CD version comes with a 16 page booklet containing tour photos and liner notes by Nico B. and Gitane DeMone, along with three exclusive bonus tracks, while the LPs each feature their own bonus track not on the CDs. Both versions are available for pre-order now via Storming the Base, and are due for release on April 13


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