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In anticipation of her upcoming Martyr album, Canadian artist Lindsay Schoolcraft has released her rendition of The Cure’s 1989 hit “Lullaby,” on which she collaborated with former Evanescence drummer Rocky Gray. As both artists are fans of The Cure, Schoolcraft comments that “It was both exciting and stressful putting our own twist on such a classic tune,” which she further elaborates was “the first song Rocky and I worked on back at the beginning of 2016.” She then goes on to say that the pair are happy with the results, which then sparked further collaboration between the two musicians on original material, the culmination of which is Marytr.

Best known for her tenure as the keyboardist for extreme metal band Cradle of Filth since 2014, Lindsay Schoolcraft is an accomplished singer, songwriter, keyboardist, and harpist and has been steadily crafting her own brand of gothic and ethereally tinged rock for several years, with Martyr marking her full-length solo debut. The album was produced, engineered, and mixed by Tyler Williams of Monolithic Productions, and features Rocky Gray on guitars and drum programming, along with a guest vocal performance from Xenoyr, Schoolcraft’s band mate in Antiqva. Martyr is due for release on October 7.


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