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Latest video single from Illuminatè Steele shot at Dark Energy Vampire Ball
Known for her avant-garde brand of hip-hop infused synthpop, which has earned her the affectionate title of “Vampiric Priestess,” musician/producer Illuminatè Steele has unveiled a new video single, “Anima Animus.” Shot at Dark Energy’s Vampire Ball in Minneapolis, the video is intended as a “dark but poetic love letter exposing the depths of a subculture rarely seen or acknowledged in mainstream music,” the lyrics tackling issues of life and death, sexual identity, and “being true to one’s self and desires.” Appearing with Steele in “Anima Animus” in the leading role is acclaimed Twin Cities artist Anne Eveslage, with other cameo appearances by NYC Synthicide DJ Andi Harriman and Dark Enery creator and DJ Grant Mayland.

Illuminatè Steele: Anima Animus from Illuminate Steele on Vimeo.


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