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Laibach premiere new music video, embark on North American tourThe art/music collective known as Laibach has unveiled a new music video for the track “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean,” off of the group’s latest album Spectre. Directed/edited by Tomislav Gangl and premiering on Dangerous Minds, the video features various shots from Laibach’s performances in Križanke, Ljubljana and Breda, as well as Dziga Vertov’s “Enthusiasm” and Maša Jazbec’s ‘First Blood.’ Spectre was released in March of 2014, with the deluxe edition having recently been released this past April, including bonus tracks and the remix companion SpectreMix.
In addition, Laibach will begin its tour of North America in Washington, DC on May 11, with plans to continue until June 5 in Atlanta, GA before returning for a series of additional dates in Europe throughout the summer. To help fund the tour, Laibach has initiated an IndieGoGo Campaign, which as of this article has reached nearly 50% of its $25,000 goal; perks from the campaign include ringtones, patches, armbands, stickers, a Laibach cigarette case cover, a T-shirt for the campaign (featuring the campaing slogan, “A Chicken in Every Pot, and Laibach in Every City!”), posters, and even honorary membership in Laibach in which the contributor’s name will be featured on the next three album releases, as well as an oil portrait in the Laibachian style.
This is Laibach’s first tour of North America since 2008.



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