Aug 2012 22

Laibach announces newest releaseFollowing the release of the Iron Sky soundtrack, Laibach has announced An Introduction to…Laibach/Reproduction Prohibited, to be released September 3 in Europe, November 6 in the U.S. The 15-track release features a wide variety of the music/art collective’s renowned covers including several previously unreleased covers, such as Bob Dylan’s “Ballad of a Thin Man” and The Normals’ “Warm Leatherette.” The album features a cover image originally painted by band members in 1981 as an interpretation of Magritte’s 1937 painting “Not to be Reproduced.”
The An Introduction to… series by Mute Records is neither a “best of” nor “greatest hits,” but a series of introductory compilations into Mute’s artist roster, with this Laibach release being the latest entry.

An Introduction to… Official Trailer

Iron Sky Official Trailer


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