Aug 2017 19

Lacey Sculls to host and producer new talk show, launches crowdfunding campaign
Lacey Sculls (formerly Lacey Conner) – known for her work as a vocalist, animal rights activist, TV personality, and an active presence on social media – has launched a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign to host and produce a talk show, titled Indecent Exposure. Sculls intends the show to be an unfiltered tackling of sociopolitical issues and current events, revolutionizing the format of Bill Maher and John Oliver by “eliminating the older male, suit-and-tie style host, and instead placing a quick-witted, sharp-tongued, powerhouse vixen at the helm.” With a panel of celebrity guests and experts, she states that no topic will be off-limits or too controversial, from pop culture, gender and LGBTQ equality, sexuality, animal rights, music and the arts, and the environment. Rewards for the crowdfunding campaign include a 10 minute personal chat with Sculls, personalized voice mail and video messages, autographed photos and CDs, digital albums, the chance to be a member of the audience, an executive producer credit, and the opportunity to be a guest on the show. Sculls concludes in the video teaser, “To the bigots, the fascists, the misogynistic assholes… you think that the media’s been hard on you? You ain’t seen nothing yet.”


Lacey Sculls
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