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Avant-garde artist Kristeen Young has released her ninth album, The SubSet, which the artist describes as influenced by beatnik and opera, but “kinda sideways,” calling it her most experimental to date. The current single, “Everyday SubTraction” features the first component written for the album – a rolling piano section created during the mixing of her previous album, Live at The Witch’s Tit (2017) – while the video for the single was performed, shot, and edited by Young with self-designed costumes, echoing the indepedent nature of the album’s creation. She further states that much of the album’s visuals and even the title were envisioned in “finished form” long before its creation began, going on to say that “the scents, the heavy feel of the air, and of course, the locations themselves” in her hometown of St. Louis had an effect on her emotions in making The SubSet; “I can write anywhere, but nothing brings out the old ghouls like the hometown.” She was joined by drummer Jefferson “Baby Jef” White for live drums, but took on all other writing, performance, and production duties, citing issues with previous producers not crediting her co-production work. Young has worked with producer Tony Visconti and collaborated with artists including David Bowie, Placebo’s Brian Molko, and Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump. Kristeen Young is currently touring the U.S. and Europe, including residencies in New York, San Francisco, and London this fall; a full listing of live dates can be found on her website.


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