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KMFDM releases 30th Anniversary concert videoKMFDM, in association with Punch Drunk Films, has released a new live concert video recording; chronicling the band’s 30th Anniversary We Are KMFDM tour of 2013, this marks the Ultra-Heavy Beat’s first concert video in 10 years, covering the last five stops of the tour. Released as an on-demand Vimeo video, the 90 minute video was compiled from over 50 hours of concert footage shot from numerous sources, and includes three additional tracks not featured on the We Are KMFDM CD, released via Metropolis Records in 2014. The video includes 40 minutes of additional documentary material featuring interviews with the band answering questions crowdsourced from the fans via social networks.
“We are trying a big of an experiment with this by only charging $5.99 and doing the on-demand release,” states Jacob Stone of Punch Drunk Films, former tour manager for KMFDM. He continues, “We’re really hoping the low price will help circumvent piracy and simultaneously make this available to a huge number of fans and maybe introduce a younger generation to KMFDM.”
In addition, KMFDM has recently announced the tour dates for the 2015 Salvation tour with CHANT as the supporting band, marking the Texas industrial act’s third consecutive stint with KMFDM. Select dates will feature additional supporting bands, including Black December, Inertia, and Seven Factor.


We Are KMFDM Website http://wearekmfdm.com
KMFDM Website http://www.kmfdm.net
KMFDM Facebook https://www.facebook.com/officialkmfdm
KMFDM Twitter https://twitter.com/kmfdmofficial
Punch Drunk Films Website http://punch-drunk.com
Punch Drunk Films Facebook https://www.facebook.com/getpunchdrunk
Punch Drunk Films Twitter https://twitter.com/getpunchdrunk
Salvation Tour 2015 Tour Dates http://nextmosh.com/2015/04/04/kmfdm-salvation-tour-2015
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