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KMFDM founder announces nutritional side-ventureSascha Konietzko of KMFDM has made an announcement coming out as a supporter and distributor of Forever Living aloe vera products. “Since I’ve been supplementing my rock n’ roll lifestyle with some select products of theirs, I’ve noticed some very positive effects and changes taking place,” says Käpt’n K. “My personal experience with, and thus resulting recommendation, includes the Aloe Vera drinks, the ARGI+ and Omega-3 products, and more. KMFDM’s been on the road for a long time and it’s really important to us to give you the show you pay for. It’s a real struggle to keep everyone healthy under the hard conditions on tour and over the years it feels like we’ve tried everything to keep us in good shape. I finally found something awesome and since it works so well, I want to share it with you. I take pride in everything I put my name on and I wouldn’t endorse this if it didn’t do it for us.” The announcement has been met with some skepticism from fans, but Konietzko insists, “I wouldn’t endorse anything unless I am behind it, and this stuff is the bomb.” Konietzko’s full statement, including his personal regimen, can be found at the KMFDM Store. KMFDM will tour North America starting October 20 with support from tribal/industrial act CHANT.


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