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One of the largest and most revered festivals in the gothic/industrial music scene, Wave Gotik Treffen has announced the release of a book, titled Wir Kellerkinder – Everyday is Halloween, with a Kickstarter campaign to fund its publication beginning today, June 26. Conceived by Christian Schaefer and illustrated by celebrated graphic designer and caricature artist Jan-Erik Mendel (a.k.a. Gotikaturen), Wir Kellerkinder is a not-for-profit book designed to represent the diversity and vibrancy of the goth scene, depicting real people, bands, events, and other figures regularly involved in WGT, all presented in the mode of a children’s book suitable for “children aged 3 to 100.” “We want to show that it’s okay to be different and that being different doesn’t mean that people are any better or any worse than others,” Schaefer comments; a Hamburg native and father to a four-year-old daughter, Schaefer runs the Facebook zine and imprint Rule of Three and has been a regular guest at WGT, with this year’s event marking his twenty-fourth. He continues, “This book is for people who love the gothic scene and the WGT and who have kids or are still kids at heart themselves.” The book will be a bilingual large format “wimmelbook” with each double-page spread depicting specific scenes and locations at the festival – among them will be the “Bändchenausgabe” near the main station where attendees receive their wristbands, the “Wonnemond” at Moritzbastei, the Agra area with the catwalk and camping ground, and more. An initial private campaign for Wir Kellerkinder attained 100% funding within three days, with this latest campaign open to the public – as of the publication of this article, the book has reached 154% of its projected goal.


Wir Kellerkinder – Everyday is Halloween
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