Jun 2018 25

Kælan Mikla signs with Artoffact to release long lost debut album
First forming in 2013, Icelandic synth/punk trio Kælan Mikla has signed with emminent electro label Artoffact Records to release the band’s long lost death/rock album Mánadans. Produced by Kimono’s Alison MacNeil and recorded in 2014 before the band’s incorporation of synthesizers, the album was ultimately shelved; since then, Kælan Mikla went on to perform at numerous festivals, including Roadburn and the Meltdown Festival, having been hand picked by The Cure’s Robert Smith. Kælan Mikla also went on to tour with the likes of Drab Majesty andwill be touring Europe in September and October with King Dude. Smith once again tapped Kælan Mikla to perform at The Cure’s 40th anniversary show on Saturday, July 7 in Hyde Park, London; the show will also feature performances by Interpol, Goldfrapp, Editors, Slowdive, and Ride.

A limited edition digital and cassette version of Mánadans was released by the band via Bandcamp in April of 2017, but the new Artoffact Records edition marks the album’s first official release, which includes an additional track and a demo version of “Kalt,” a track that appeared on the self-titled album. It will be available in CD, digital, and vinyl formats, all available for pre-order via Bandcamp.


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