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Joy Division debut EP re-issued for Record Store DayJoy Division’s debut EP, An Ideal for Living, will be re-issued for Record Store Day on April 19. Cut at Abbey Road Studios by the band’s long standing engineer and vinyl specialist Frank Arkwright, the four-track re-issue features new artwork paying homage to the original “scaffolding” cover art used on the 12-inch release. Despite its short lived run, Joy Division remains one of the mainstays of the post-punk genre, often credited as being the first “goth” band, when producer Martin Hannett pitched the band as “dancing music with Gothic overtones.”
The EP marked the band’s first release after changing its name from Warsaw to Joy Division, with the band sparking some controversy due to perceptions of Nazi sympathies derived from the band’s name (a reference to Jewish women forced to work as sex slaves in Nazi concentration camps) and the original cover depicting a drawing of a Hitler Youth; the controversy was dulled with the later pressing of the 12-inch.
Tracks from An Ideal for Living have been featured in numerous compilations, first appearing on the 1988 Substance compilation, and subsequently in its entirety on the 1997 Heart and Soul box set. The re-issue will be released in an unnumbered limited edition.


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