Oct 2018 28

Joint project of Diary of Dreams and Diorama announces tour and debut album
Coma Alliance – the joint project of Diary of Dreams’ Adrian Hates and Diorama’s Torben Wendt – has at long last announced the release its debut album, Weapon of Choice. Talk of these two darkwave musicians joining forces in a new project has been in the rumor mill since their respective bands toured together in 2016 under the title of Coma Alliance, with the two artists having continuously crossed paths over the years in the studio and on the stage. Weapon of Choice will be released on November 16 in CD and digital formats, with a music video of the album’s first single “Royd” now available to view.

In addition, Hates and Wendt will once again tour together as Coma Alliance – this time, as a single band. The tour begins with seven dates across Germany throughout January, with two shows to follow in February in Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russian; a full listing of tour dates, as well as tickets to the Germany shows can be found on the Diary of Dreams website.


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