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With a full-length album currently in the works, John R. Mirland has revealed the third single from his electro/EBM outlet M73, titled “Zeroes.” Mastered by his LÆBEL mate Claus Laursen, the track is described as “a song about digital loneliness and fake online relationships,” with Mirland’s despondent vocals conveying the lyrical themes atop a pulsating dance track that pays homage to the sounds of classic EBM and dark electro; with Mirland also taking on compositional and production duties, M73 is sure to appeal to genre fans. Priced at €1, proceeds from Bandcamp sales go directly to support Larsen and his husband Kurt Grünewald. “Zeroes” follows up on the “Nightfall” debut single, released in January of this year, and the subsequent “Polarizer” single in February; as stated, a full-length album is in progress, while Mirland also remains active as a member of Am Tierpark (with Larsen), and Negant (with Neotek’s Jens B. Petersen and Tommy B-Kuhlmann of In Absentia).


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