Jan 2019 03

John R. Mirland releases new track, music video from new EBM project
Among the many projects of John R. Mirland stands M73, which has now released a new video clip for the track “Nightfall” as a preview of the upcoming debut album. Featuring Mirland as both musician and, for the first time, lead vocalist, “Nightfall” was mastered by Mirland’s LÆBEL mate Claus Larsen. The project was initially founded in 2014 with a track featured on the Swedish Kodapa label’s Dark Synth Sounds compilation; Larsen had since encouraged Mirland to pursue singing further, resulting in a handful of demos in 2018 that explore a heavier, darker, and more old-school electro/EBM sound. “Nightfall” is also available to purchase via Bandcamp, with the Tainted debut album to be released later in 2019.



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