Aug 2018 14

JK Flesh to release full-length album via Electric Deluxe
With a release date of August 31, New Horizon marks the third full-length outing from Justin K. Broadrick under his JK Flesh moniker, his second with Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe imprint. The record features Broadrick furthering his experiments with dub influenced techno beats and noisily distorted progressions through eight tracks that follow a narrative of humanity’s racing toward “extinction, dystopian existence, and mysterious evolution.” Furthermore, Broadrick describes the record as “a study in resolution, timber, and distortion.” To precede the album’s release, JK Flesh premiered the track “Genetics” via DJMag.

JK Flesh made its debut with the Posthuman album in 2012, followed by a series of EPs, a split with fellow noise act Prurient, and a 7-inch limited release with drum & bass producer Submerged and hip-hop/drum & bass emcee Blacktacular. New Horizon was preceded by 2016’s Rise Above on Electric Deluxe, and earlier this year by the PI04 [π04] EP on Pi Electronics [π].


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