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From Milan, Italy comes the trio of Sukende, announcing the band’s self-titled debut to be released on August 12. Since the band’s formation in 2017, Sukende has garnered acclaim for its blend of dark electronic and pop/rock sounds, evident on the introductory singles of “Fregoli,” “Kill,” and “Inferno,” all of which will be featured on the Sukende album. In the band’s words, the record “represents a journey through the various psychological states of a man – an inner search that traces sensations, hallucinations, and schizophrenia,” all relating to the band’s very name as Sukende is a reinterpretation of the German expression “Der Suchende,” the
one who seeks. Entirely written and produced by the band, which is comprised of lead vocalist Riccardo Guigni, guitarist Leonardo Falasco, and Stefano Valentini, Sukende is now available for pre-order via Bandcamp.





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