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I:Scintilla launches remix contest for latest single to benefit Darkest Before Dawn
With the release of the band’s new single “Carmena Saturna,” Chicago industrial/alt. rock band I:Scintilla has announced a remix contest for the song, with proceeds to be donated to Darkest Before Dawn. Vocalist Brittany Bindrim states that the band is “excited to announce the contest and we really look forward to hearing the remixes you create.” Stems from the track, along with the rules for the contest can be found on the band’s website, with the winning remix to be releases as the B-side to a single due for release on August 31. The submission deadline is Monday, July 8, with five finalists to be announced the following Friday, July 13; all finalist remixes will be available as a Carmena Saturna Remix Contest release via Bandcamp, with each track to be available as a pay-what-you-want item with a minimum price set at $1.00. “Carmena Saturna” was released on May 24,

Darkest Before Dawn is a Chicago and Los Angeles based non-profit organization devoted to suicide prevention in the nightlife restaurant and music industry, providing resources, support, and community for those “whose late hours and isolated commutes leave them susceptible to depression, addiction, and suicide.” Bindrim continues, “Darkest Before Dawn is a fantastic charity doing some really amazing things for those in the nightlife industry who are struggling with issues of mental health, safety, or support. It is a cause very close to our hearts and we hope you consider participating or donating to the cause.”


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