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Information Society launches PledgeMusic campaignInformation Society has announced a PledgeMusic campaign to help fund the release of its newest album, _Hello World, to be released on September 23 via Hakatak International. “We wanted to insure that as many people as possible are exposed to the new album,” explains Paul Robb. “It’s difficult to connect with fans who don’t already follow us on Facebook and Twitter. PledgeMusic offers us an opportunity to reach fans, old and new, and gives our super fans a single place to visit to both get whatever flavor of the release they want, as well as insure they get all the updates and fun extra content we’re working on to surprise them with.”
Among the exclusives are limited edition posters and patches, handwritten lyrics sheets, T-shirts, and vinyl albums. The marquee package, however, is the _Hello World deluxe box set, which includes a CD, vinyl, and digital copy of the new album, an autographed white vinyl 7″, a T-shirt, a logo cap, poster, patch, stickers, and an exclusive InSoc Nootropic Synthino – a fully functional MIDI synthesizer. Priced at $235, the package is limited to only 100. Says Jayce Varden, President of PledgeMusic in North America, of the package, “Information Society has created an incredible boxed set to commemorate the release of _Hello World, and, beyond that, are committed to deliver their fans an amazing experience on the PledgeMusic pre-order. This will be a prime example as to how the artist to fan relationship is not just honored but transcended.”
“This album is both a birth and a rebirth,” says Robb. “We’ve perhaps matured a bit, and that has enabled us to express some more nuanced emotions in our songs than we may have done earlier.”
Among brand new InSoc tracks, the album includes a cover of Devo’s “Beautiful World,” featuring Devo vocalist and founding member Gerald V Casale.
Originally forming in 1982, Information Society (a.k.a. “InSoc”) initially broke into the mainstream via the Latin underground with the 1985 freestyle dance single “Running,” which twice became a Top Ten Billboard Dance chart hit – once in 1986 and then again in 2001. InSoc released Land of the Blind on March 4, reuniting the original founding members of the band.


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