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Influential Swedish black industrial album from MZ.412 remasteredWidely regarded as MZ.412’s most influential album, Burning the Temple of God will be released as a limited edition of 206 copies on white vinyl. The 1996 album, credited with shaping what would become the black industrial subgenre, weaves dark, tribal rhythms through grim mechanical and electronic wails, piercing the despondent groans of a wounded guitar to paint a dark, dystopian soundscape, which ultimately engulfs the listener. MZ.412 is one of several projects helmed by experimental post-industrial artist Henrik Nordvargr Björkk, who along with Jonas Aneheim forms the core of Swedish EBM act Pouppée Fabrikk, which at one time featured MZ.412 member Jouni Olilla. Burning the Temple of God was originally released in 1996 on Cold Meat Industry, with prominent experimental/dark ambient label Cold Spring remastering the album in 2010. This special collectors’ edition was remastered in January of 2016 by N.G. Ekholm, and features full color inner and outer sleeves and labels, and a color poster of the album cover. The album is due out April 9, and is available for pre-order now via Storming the Base.


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