Apr 2018 17

Infinite Fog and Dais Records reissue legendary COIL albums
COIL - Black Light District - A Thousand Lights in a Darkened RoomContinuing the label’s stream of reissuing long out-of-print gems of experimental and avant-garde music, Infinite Fog Productions now presents one of the key albums of the legendary COIL’s discography. Available in CD digipak and in a limited edition collector’s box set, Black Light District – A Thousand Lights in a Darkened Room, originally recorded in the winter of 1995/1996 and named after a Boyd Rice track, is exemplary of COIL’s renowned explorations of eschatology and sound design, authorized by longtime associate Danny Hyde and remastered by Martin Bowes. The record marked a transition in COIL’s primary output further eschewing the pop rhythms and songwriting conventions of previous recordings like Love’s Secret Domain toward a more esoteric, spiritual, and metaphysical themes, as well as the inclusion of Drew McDowall in the band’s membership alongside Hyde and founders Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson and John Balance. Hyde went so far as to include as a bonus track a previously unreleased track, “Scattered Cross,” from the Black Light District recording sessions. The box set includes the standard CD supplemented with a tape and T-shirt.
ELpH vs. COIL - Worship the GlitchIn addition, experimental label Dais Records is offering the Black Light District in digital and vinyl formats, both of which can be pre-ordered via the label’s Bandcamp and website. As well, Dais has reissued Worship the Glitch, credited to ELpH vs. COIL, ELpH being the band’s notion of a conceptual being – part physical equipment and part celestial entity – manifested by the band’s continued use of new technology and the random compositions emitting from the gear. Originally released in 1995, Worship the Glitch is available to pre-order digitally via Bandcamp and in vinyl on the label’s website. Both vinyl records were remastered by Josh Bonati with Drew McDowall’s supervision and will be offered on standard black, 200 clear, 500 red, 600 blue, and 500 yellow exclusively for Europe and U.K. distribution.


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