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From the minds of Erminio Granata (11xxx27) and Carmine Laurenza (Nocturnerror) comes Hyperlacrimae, a new post-punk/industrial project for the pair to create what they refer to as “a porn-ceptual project” that focuses on “melancholic, dreamy, erotic wave tendencies, based on illusory memories.” Originating as the 03 split album between the two DJ/producers in 2017, Hyperlacrimae has grown into a full collaboration, with the duo’s upcoming album Through the Lies of Mr. Nasotti due for release on July 18 via Infidel Bodies. According to the band, the album “represents a clear link between modern industrial music, sludgy ambient, and bleary post-punk and darkwave resonances,” with the main goal to “spread the word of Mr. Nasotti, describing his world in all its aspects: weird habits, dirty perversions, nostalgic thoughts, and a strong anti-crowd attitude.”

Through the Lies of Mr. Nasotti will be released in digital and cassette formats, with pre-orders now available via Bandcamp. Also available is a cassette package that features a double-sided print J-card, download code, red envelope with insert, and a ball gag; this package is limited to 70 copies. Included on the album are an additional four remixes by Hypnoskull, Viktor Kalima, Autumns, and Bourbonese Qualk.



Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube
Facebook, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube
Infidel Bodies
Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube
Ilker YĆ¼cel (Ilker81x)

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