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Imogen Heap promotes computer-interactive gloves for musiciansExperimental singer/songwriter Imogen Heap has launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowd-fund the creation of the Mi.Mu Glove, a pair of gloves that will allow the user to directly interact with his or her computer via hand gestures. “Funding this campaign will enable us to make a really important developmental leap to finalise the gloves’ design so they’re ready to go into production,” Heap said in a video accompanying her Kickstarter campaign. The glove can track the position, direction, and velocity of the wearer’s hand, the degree of bend in their fingers, the distance between their fingers, and also understand “postures” such as an open palm, a finger-point, or a closed fist.
While able to be used for a wide variety of purposes, Heap states that the glove was initially designed for musicians: “Fifty percent of a performance is racing around between various instruments and bits of technology on stage. I wanted to create something where I could manipulate my computer on the move wirelessly so that music becomes more like a dance rather than a robotic act like pressing a button or moving a fader.” The current model of the Mi.Mu was developed as part of Heap’s ongoing Gloves Project, which began four years ago.
Heap used an earlier model of the gloves at the 2012 Wired conference. “I’m not claiming they’re going to be the answer to every interaction with the computer, but there’s a lot of applications where it just feels wrong to use a mouse and a keyboard,” she said. “You might want to be able to make something in some architecture software where you could stretch a building or draw little windows and quickly move them around like play-dough and maybe we’ll get to the point where people will start to develop software like that. It’s essentially a remote control and anything that you could potentially do with your hands, you could do with your gloves.”
The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise £200,000 by May 3. In addition to promoting the gloves, Imogen Heap is currently working on her newest album Sparks.



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