Jan 2018 12

Illuminatè Steele releases new video single
Avant-garde synthwave musician/producer Illuminatè Steele has released two new music video singles, each showcasing her own unique and funky electronic style. The first video, “A Darker Shade of Heaven” features an onscreen performance from renowned Minnesota burlesque artist Elektra Cute, who Steele comments was “a true joy to work with,” referring to her as “a true master at her craft,” and possessing “a powerful aura of energy.” The track possesses a hypnotic beat and catchy chorus that “is the sonic embodiment of seduction, leaving listeners craving more,” with Steele stating “There can be no appreciation of heaven without acknowledgement of hell; no light without darkness, nor a full appreciation of love without knowing the experience of the loss of it.”
A second video featuring a remix of the track “Desire by Design (The God Complex)” is forthcoming, the original version of which having been released in February of 2017. Both tracks were written and produced by Illuminatè Steele and mastered by Greg Reierson, best known for his work with The Cure and Prince.
Steele recently performed at Dark Energy’s DACA Benefit at Minneapolis’ Kit Kat Klub; she has also announced that a new video for the track “Death Mind of Projections” is slated for a March release. She is also an accomplished video editor and director, as well as a published poet.


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