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Ihsahn announces sixth solo album, releases new singleNorwegian composer/musician Ihsahn has announced the release of his latest album, titled Arktis, on March 4 via Candlelight Records. Recorded at the artist’s home studio in Notodden, Arktis marks Ihsahn’s sixth solo release, featuring his longest studio recordings. “My focus for this album was to write within more traditional song structures and still give each song a strong individual identity,” Ihsahn stated of the album, continuing, “I also wanted to explore this on the production side, blending organic rock sounds with more modern expressions.” Preceding the album is the first single, “Mass Darkness,” which Ihsahn states “represents much of the album’s attitude.” The single was released today via iTunes and Amazon. A lyric video for the song created by Michael Dickinson has also been released via Decibel Magazine.
Arktis features guest performances by past collaborators such as vocalist Einar Solberg, saxophonist Jørgen Munkeby, and drummer Tobias Ørnes Andersen, as well as artwork and photography by award winning Spanish designer Ritxi Ostáriz, and mixing by Jens Bogren; all of whom were last featured on Ihsahn’s fourth album, 2012’s Eremita. “With the contributions from several of my talented friends and the incredible mixing skills of Jens Bogren,” says Ihsahn, “I feel the end result is just as varied yet cohesive as I hoped for. Actually, I can’t recall having had such a great time making an album before and hopefully that comes across too.”


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