Apr 2018 03

Idiot Stare releases new album to honor departed lead vocalist Blayne Alexander
In June of 2017, just over two years after losing lead vocalist Blayne Alexander to cancer, L.A. industrial/rock group Idiot Stare returned with the provocative single Into the Dirt, marking the first output from the band since the 2012 album Unknown to Millions. Now, Idiot Stare unleashes a new album titled Enough, released on April 3, 2018 to commemorate Blayne Alexander’s birthday. With 10 new tracks in which the band works “through our thoughts, memories, and feels” to honor the absent singer, Enough is available as a pay-what-you-want item on Bandcamp for the remainder of the day. Several of the tracks feature lyrics originally penned by Alexander, with the track “Black as Pitch” featuring vocal recordings dating back to 2007; the album also features a reinterpretation of the Bee Gees’ classic “Stayin’ Alive,” and what the band purports to be “Probably the last song we’ll write as Idiot Stare,” with “Sucker Punch” signifiying the band’s intention to move on. “We’ll most definitely keep making music together, but calling it Idiot Stare just doesn’t feel right without Blayne here. He became the front man and face of the band. We just need to step away from it, mostly out of reverence for him and his contributions to the band.”


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