Sep 2017 22

IAMX releases new experimental album
IAMX - UnfallFor his latest album as IAMX, Chris Corner has repurposed his remix moniker as the title for a new series exploring his more experimental leanings, Unfall. Released on September 22 in CD and digital formats, Unfall deviates from the usual IAMX structure to explore pure sound devoid of lyrics to achieve a more impersonal and abstract style, one that the artist assures will become more personal the more time the listener spends with imperfect machines to go “someplace otherwordldly and not connected to song structure or selling records in a certain way.” Avoiding pop radio formats and utilizing a heavy amount of modular syntehsizers, Corner refers to the album as “a way of decluttering my wired mind;” welcoming the new process of writing and producing, Corner further states that he’s “always tried to be as minimal as possible, using one piece of software and limited amount of synth plugins.” Unfall was recorded and produced with famed UK producer Jim Abbiss, with whom Corner worked on the Sneaker Pimps debut Becoming X. In addition, the album features a guest vocalist performance from the legendary Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Go’s. Unfall will be released in a limited edition vinyl on October 20.


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