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IAMX premieres new music video featuring Kat Von D and previewing upcoming tour
IAMX, the transgressive electro/rock band headed by Chris Corner, has premiered via Alternative Press a music video for the latest single from new album Alive In New Light, titled “Stardust.” Featuring guest vocalist, legendary tattoo artist, makeup mogul, and IAMX superfan and kindred spirit Kat Von D, the video for “Stardust” showcases a striking fetishistic and expressionist visual style that serves as a preview of the look and lighting concept for IAMX’s tour in support of the album. Seeking to “capture a little piece of the IAMX live experience, because it’s such an integral part of the project,” Corner credits everybody in the band for contributing to the costumes and overall visual style, stating that “Everybody is very free and creative and it was beautiful to be around my live band members Janine Gezang, Sammi Doll, and Jon Siren.” He further comments on Von D’s involvement, “She sings beautifully on the recording and I was hoping I could get her to star in the video. She came and fit right in. She knew what to do without me even starting to direct.” Of the video, which he directed, Corner explains, “I never really go in with a solid concept; it’s more like piecing together a puzzle. I dislike narratives, but I love visual art and performance art. So that’s what I tried to incorporate in this video.”

Alternative Press is premiering a censored version of the “Stardust” video, with the uncensored version making its global debut on March 9 on Alive In New Light was released on February 2 via Caroline/Universal, with the tour kicking off on April 19 in Washington, DC and continuing until May 9 in Los Angeles, CA; Von D will appear on select dates – additional information and a full listing of tour dates can be found on the IAMX website.


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