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IAMX announces exclusive October performancesFollowing a year-long personal hiatus, IAMX will return to live performance for four Sunday shows in October, exclusively at Complex in Glendale, California. “I felt it was time to get back on stage to experiment with my music and to present it in a more intimate setting,” says Chris Corner, who took the majority of 2013 and 2014 off due to chronic insomnia. “Large scale touring and mechanically making records for so long under so much self-inflicted stress led to me to a revelation last year,” he continues, “a breakdown you might say – or ‘breakthrough’ as I’ve been programmed to say.” IAMX will rotate set lists for each night’s performance, each with a capacity of roughly 200, held every Sunday in October. “I want to build back up in a fresh and sustainable way,” Corner explains. “Playing the songs gently and with control is my new challenge. Trying not to lose myself and be consumed by the intense emotion that my music sometimes brings to the surface.” “Another reason for doing these intimate shows,” he adds, “is so I can feel the warmth and see the twinkles in their eyes.” IAMX held two digital shows through StageIt in May as a first-step to recovery; the Complex series will be IAMX’s only performances of 2014.


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