Mar 2016 10

Iammynewt releases fifth anniversary remastered edition of debut albumCelebrating the five year anniversary of his debut solo record, Chris Cozort – a.k.a. Iammynewt – has released a remastered version of Boom Operator via CRLStudios. Originally released in March of 2011 on Aphotic Audio, this new version revisits the artist’s full-length album debut following numerous mastering, remix, and production credits (most notably Cyanotic, Diverje, Pigface, and Cynergy 67), and the 2008 Ohaka collaborative effort with Skullduggery. Brad Perkins of Torrent Vaccine describes the album, Boom Operator “energizes the IDM standard with light breakbeats, ambient pads, and loop-based structures similar to the early work of Aphex Twin and Autechre.” The 2016 reissue of Boom Operator features new artwork by Christopher Davis (Human Twelve) and was mastered by Steven Seibold (Hate Dept., Pigface); the album is now available for purchase via Bandcamp.


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Website, MySpace, Facebook, Bandcamp
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