May 2013 14

Hirsute Pursuit to release new albumNew York electro act Hirsute Pursuit will release its newest album, Revel in Your Ability to Accessorize My Pleasure, in late June through Old Europa Cafe. Pre-orders are now being accepted via the label’s website, to be available in digipack form limited to 300 copies. The album contains the band’s early unreleased recordings, stating, “On these early recordings, Harley participated in a much different way. Rather than doing the lead vocals, Harley controlled the sexual situations. From a Skype call to enjoying a porno film with an obedient participant. But don’t think that you won’t hear Harley giving his orders.”
The track “Every Fiber of Your Being Says ‘Thank you, sir.'” from Revel in Your Ability… has been posted to YouTube via the band’s channel. Several of the band’s previous videos had been banned from YouTube.


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