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Hirsute Pursuit censored by YouTubeSongs by self-proclaimed “gay electronic” act Hirsute Pursuit have been flagged and removed by YouTube due to their “inappropriate nature,” according to official notifications from YouTube. The band is decrying YouTube for intentionally censoring the video for its gay nature rather than its content.
Hirsute Pursuit member Bryin Dall received notice from YouTube, flagging a video for the song “I Know What Boys Like” as inappropriate, under the site’s policy of nudity and/or sexual content. The video was then taken down for its content. Bryin Dall has posted a response video to the censorship on YouTube, citing YouTube’s allowance of the even more graphic (and anti-gay) video “Evil Boy” by South African band Die Antwoord.
“There was no explicit nudity or any sort of inappropriate material in the video,” Dall said to ReGen. “Had it been of a man and a woman, there would have been no issue whatsoever.”
The video is still available on VIMEO.
Hirsute Pursuit will be performing with Boyd Rice/NON in New York City on January 24; visit the band’s website for more information.


Hirsute Pursuit – I Know What Boys Like from Harley Phoenix on Vimeo.


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