Oct 2017 29

Helalyn Flowers' maXX makes his solo debut
IMJUDAS - TulpaFollowing a string of compilation appearances and cover tracks, Italian artist maXX – founding member and male half of Helalyn Flowers – has released the debut EP of his IMJUDAS solo project, titled Tulpa. Released on October 27 via Alfa Matrix, Tulpa features two original tracks, along with remixes of the title song by Inertia, AD:keY, and People Theatre, with Helalyn Flowers vocalist n0emi Aurora making a guest backing vocal appearance on “Without Us You Are Nothing.” Conceptually based on surreal and esoteric themes of alienation and “preaching the darkness to better grasp the light, claiming to be an apostle and martyr rather than the paradigmatic traitor,” Tulpa showcases a darkly danceable electro-pop style.


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