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Heimatærde to release new album box set
Heimatærde to release new album box setAshlar von Megalon’s brotherhood of undead electro-templars has returned! Heimatærde’s upcoming double album, Ærdenbrand (Earthburn) tells the tale of a fallen angel plunged from the sky to push the weak and the innocent over the brink and send the world into darkness set to relentless beats, epic chants, electronic bagpipes, and soaring guitars. Guest vocalist Joachim Witt lends his voice to the battle between darkness and light. Ærdenbrand is scheduled for release October 21 via Out of Line Music, and will be available in a standard edition, as well as a double CD, and a special 3-CD box set, limited to 999 copies. Bonus content for the box set includes Heimatærde’s first ever live album (recorded at the Out Of Line Weekender, 2015), two bonus versions of “Fühl die Zeit,” and a hand numbered ownership certificate.


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