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Hateful Abandon announces next albumUK post-industrial act Hateful Abandon has announced the release of its third album Liars/Bastards for January 13 (North America) through Candlelight Records. The album has already been released through the label’s Bandcamp. While rooted in black metal, Hateful Abandon’s new album takes a darkwave/synth direction, making “a clean break from the minimalism of their Thatcher-era forebears,” according to Metal Underground. “The album cover is an accidental nod to [punk rock band] Crass,” Martin Brindley confirms. “It was originally created to go behind the CD tray, but Candlelight recognized how iconic it looked and wanted it for the cover. Crass are a big influence of mine.”
Formed in 2004, Hateful Abandon features multi-instrumentalists Tom ‘Swine’ Price and Martin ‘Vice Martyr’ Brindley. The band was signed to Todestrieb Records for a decade before moving over to Candelight Records in September.


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