May 2018 25

H E X releases self-titled debut, now streaming at Invisible Oranges
Swiss industrial group H E X is now streaming its self-titled debut album in its entirety at Invisible Oranges, with today marking its release on Hummus records. The band uses what is described as “sharp sonic angles” to build a precise and cinematic world of modernist doom populated with infernal machinery set against delicately soaring hints of humanity. As the first example of what the record has to offer, “Metaheaven,” which debuted at Svbterranean on May 22, is a sprawling track built on bones of relentless drums and retro inspired synths not unlike a journey through the guts of a massive ancient clockwork machine as it creaks and groans to life, showing fleeting glimpses of shining cities through gaps in its rusted seams before methodically plowing under everything in its path. In this world, the machines are winning. H E X is now available to purchase via the Hummus Records website, as well as a “name your price” item via the label’s Bandcamp.


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