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Grendel debut reissued in remastered double-CD collection by Infacted Recordings
Infacted Recordings has issued a re-release of Dutch dark electro act Grendel’s first studio album, 2001’s Inhumane Amusement and the 2002 End of Ages EP as a newly remastered 22-track double-CD. Retitled Inhumane Amusement at the End of Ages: 2000-2002, the collection follows up on Grendel’s fifth full-length album, 2017’s Age of the Disposable Body; it includes both releases – originally released on the NoiTekk label – in their entirety, along with remixes of “End of Ages” and “Corroding Conscience” by Arzt + Pfusch, Lights of Euphoria, Feindflug, and God Module.
Inhumane Amusement at the End of Ages: 2000-2002 was released on February 28 and is available in CD, digital, and streaming formats via the Infacted Recordings Bandcamp.


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Infacted Recordings
Website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp
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