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GoFundMe Campaign to assist Claus Larsen and husband Kurt Grünewald with medical costs
A GoFundMe campaign has been organized by Tom Shear of Assemblage 23 to raise funds for Claus Larsen – best known in the goth/industrial scene for his work in Leæther Strip, Klutæ, and Am Tierpark – and his husband Kurt Grünewald to assist the Danish couple with rising medical costs and treatments. Larsen will be donating a kidney for Grünewald’s replacement surgery, which has been postponed due to issues with the Danish healthcare system; with the couple facing significant costs for dialysis and other treatments to help keep Grünewald healthy until the transplant procedure can take place, the campaign has already raised more than $2,050 of its $5,000 goal in three hours. The campaign also encourages patrons to contribute by making direct purchases from the Leæther Strip Bandcamp page, while Shear and Michelle Molitor are arranging benefit shoes across the United States for the proceeds to go directly to Claus Larsen and Kurt Grünewald, which can be followed via the Facebook group Worldwide Leæther Strip Pride.


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