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GoFight celebrates International Women's Day every day with new music videoChicago electroscuzz band GoFight has unveiled the music video for the band’s new song “Rocket,” from the upcoming album Napalm Baby. Following the band’s pro-sex/anti-war charter and supporting humanitarian causes, the music video is the band’s celebration of International Women’s Day, on Sunday, March 8, 2015.
GoFight vocalist/songwriter Jim Marcus issued this statement regarding the video:

“So, yesterday was the 2015 International Women’s Day and I realize now what bothered me about it. It’s only one day long. So in honor of the rest of the year, here is a song from GoFight’s upcoming album, Napalm Baby, and a quick video showcasing 75 women who were knocked down but kept getting back up again until they succeeded. We want to dedicate this to all our unstoppable friends who decided a long time ago that ‘you can’t do it’ was a shitty answer, but a great challenge. We are your biggest fans.”

In addition, the band is offering a special perk for fans who can name all 75 women featured in the “Rocket” video; “Send us a message at There is a special perk in it for you.”
Napalm Baby is GoFight’s second full-length album, due later this year, following the monumental 2013 debut, Music for Military Torture, which was featured as ReGen‘s #1 album of 2013. In early 2014, the band released three singles to preview the album, including the “Compassionware” Turn It Up EP, encouraging friendship and the sharing of music.


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