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Godflesh announces next, less 'metal' album
Godflesh announces next, less 'metal' albumHaving long been established as one of the most influential eminent crossover acts in industrial and metal, Godflesh has announced that the band’s eighth full-length album, Post Self will explore it’s “less ‘metal’ side.” Drawing more on the band’s formative influences of late ’70s and early ’80s post-punk and industrial, Post Self is over two years in the making, the first release of new Godflesh material since 2014’s A World Lit Only by Fire, which ended a silence of 13 years and reunited original members Justin K. Broadrick and G.C. Green. Produced by Broadrick and available for pre-order now via Storming the Base, Post Self will be released on November 17 via Broadrick’s Avalanche Recordings in vinyl and CD formats. A white vinyl edition limited to 1,000 copies will also be made available.


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