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God Module to release new album, launch new tour, new videoHorror/industrial band God Module will release its newest album, False Face, on February 18 through Metropolis Records. “I think each album I release should be its own entity,” says founder Jasyn Bangert. “If it’s not, I don’t really see the reason in doing it. So I intentionally tried to incorporate new sounds and rhythms into this CD. I think it ended up exposing more of the catchy pop aspects that are always hidden in my music.”
God Module recently debuted the lyric video for the track “Destroy the Day” through Bloody DisgustingFalse Face will be released just after the launch of the False Face world tour, beginning February 14 and spanning North America, with festival dates in the UK and Germany interspersed. “God Module live is very visually powerful,” says Bangert. “My stage persona is a direct interpretation of the music in that I let everything dark we are told to keep hidden come out onstage. Onstage I feed off the energy of the crowd so I feel it is almost an interactive experience. Expect to have fun, expect to be scared and expect to dance your ass off!”
To view the original article on Bloody Disgusting: http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3277986/exclusive-were-bringing-you-the-lyric-video-premiere-for-god-modules-destroy-the-day


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