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Ghostfeeder announces release date for next album, releases new single/music videoGhostfeeder’s latest album, World Famless will be released July 8th via Distortion Productions. The follow-up to 2014’s The Messenger was conceived during last summer’s tour with En Esch to harnesses the energy and urgency of the road; according to the band, the album was “constructed with the intention of making an immediately accessible, in-your-face collection of punchy, powerful songs.” World Famless diverges from the prior release’s narrative concept to present a collection of solid, autonomous songs which meld into a cohesive whole; Ghostfeeder composer/vocalist Derek Walborn states, “After the conceptual nature of The Messenger, I was eager to return to a more concise songwriting style, intending for each track to be able to stand on its own as opposed to being an integral part of a greater narrative.” The music video for the first single, “Let the Wolves Inside” premiered on idobi Radio.


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