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Gary Numan unveils music video for first single from upcoming album
Having announced the September 15 release date of his upcoming studio album, Savage (Songs from a Broken World), legendary industrial/electronic artist Gary Numan has launched the music video for “My Name Is Ruin.” The first single from the new album, “My Name Is Ruin” was first released on July 5 via BMG and features the debut of Numan’s daughter Persia on backup vocals; the accompanying video, shot in the desert near Palm Springs by IAMX’s Chris Corner, mirrors the album’s narrative concept, taking place in a not-too-distant apocalyptic future when the Earth has been ravaged by climate change. Numan further states of the album concept, “The songs are about the things that people do in such a harsh and terrifying environment” and “It’s about a desperate need to survive and they do awful things in order to do so, and some are haunted by what they’ve done. That desire to be forgiven, along with some discovered remnants of an old religious book, ultimately encourages religion to resurface, and it really goes downhill from there.” Referring to what he calls “a long history of choosing the wrong singles to promote albums,” Numan stated that BMG’s and his PR teams’ decision to release “My Name is Ruin” as the introductory single “worryingly, is the one I’d have chosen.”
Gary Numan - Savage (Songs from a Broken World)Produced by longtime associate and musical partner Ade Fenton, Savage (Songs from a Broken World) marks Numan’s twenty-first album, following 2014’s highly acclaimed Splinter (Songs from a Broken Mind); the album was funded via PledgeMusic campaign, reaching as of this article over 250% of its goal. A demo version of the song “Bed of Thorns” from the album was featured on the soundtrack to the 2017 sci-fi movie Ghost in the Shell, while demos and snippets of the album had been released during its production history since the start of the campaign in November of 2015. The album will be available in CD, digital, vinyl, and cassette formats. A European tour will begin on September 30 in Cardiff, U.K., continuing until October 27 in Lodz, Poland; Numan will then tour the U.S. starting on November 15 in San Diego. A full listing of tour dates can be found on the artist’s website.


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