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Gary Numan scores film by John BerginFrom Inside, the award-winning animated film by John Bergin, is being rereleased in a special edition featuring a new score by the legendary Gary Numan, produced by Numan and Ade Fenton. Adapted from Bergin’s graphic novel of the same name, From Inside is a grim tale of a pregnant woman traveling by train amid a post-apocalyptic landscape, as she struggles with the consequences of bringing a new life in a dead world. Heralded by critics for its dark imagery and devastating implications, the film has been screened in over 35 international film festivals since 2008. This special edition follows the original 2012 (now out-of-print) DVD release from Lakeshore Entertainment, which featured a score by Caul’s Brett Smith, with whom Bergin has collaborated in numerous musical projects including Trust Obey and Tertium Non Data. Smith’s score is still available from Lakeshore Records.
Numan’s work on the score coincides with his current North American tour for his highly acclaimed album Splinter (Songs from a Broken Mind), with Numan making a stop at the SXSW Music Destival in Austin, TX.
Renowned for providing artwork to numerous artists including Gravity Kills and Pigface, Bergin currently works as an art director for Lakeshore Records as well as running his own Stompbox 13 design service.



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